Building a 28mm Normandy church WIP

This is my WIP project about building a Normandy church, it’s design can be used in numerous settings I play, like Batman, Bolt Action and Dust tactics, so here we go.

I make the walls out of 5mm styrofoam, the green styrofoam was a left over from a billboard but works perfectly and above all, is for free :).

DSC01967 (Medium)DSC01968 (Medium)

The walls are pinned and glued together using PVA glue and a piece of flower binding wire, after the walls are complete. This was a tediuos job, but the real monk work has yet to be done. Now I have to wait untill it is dry.

DSC01969 (Medium)DSC01970 (Medium)DSC01971 (Medium)DSC01972 (Medium)

And after a few hours of scratching the stones with a dremel, this is the result :P.

DSC02041 (Medium)DSC02042 (Medium)Walls are done, now onto the roofs.

DSC02065 (Medium)

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Star wars armada on new star mat

I am still alive, personal events and being a father took it’s toll on my hobby and gaming life, previously I spend hours creating scenery after scenery for my beloved miniatures, but nowadays time is a precious thing.
I sold a lot of my miniatures from various game systems, while expanding on existing collections, I try to keep the number of game systems the same.
Last year was an emotional ride with big ups and downs for me, but we have to go on and so I continue with a positive vibe this year. As a huge star wars fan, 2015 was a great year, FFG just released Imperial assault, Armada was released and of course the Force awakens movie, which was pure dope on the highest level.
The games I have AND see table time regularly are:
-Flames of War
-Batman miniature game
-Imperial assault
-Heroes of Normandie ( well, technically not a miniature game, but it has a lot in common with flames of war)
-Kingdom Death: Monster ( also not a traditional miniature game, but one with beautiful models)

With everything back on track, I try to update more regularly.
So with that being said, here is my first update in a while; My first time playing this game on a real galaxy map like it should be, the map which was an image from hubble printed on vynil smelled still like new ink :P. We had a great game and learned a lot, hopefully our next game of armada is not to far off.

DSC01792 (Medium) DSC01790 (Medium) DSC01791 (Medium)

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Counter charging with Axis – Convergence of Cyriss

Axis has one of the best marshal abbilities within the Convergence faction, but only if executed correctly, so in order to get the most out of it, you could begin with a setup like this:

Start your turn with running the Solo/ servitor ( whatever spare model you have)directly to your enemy, then activate the corollary, allocating his focus to the Cipher and inducting a focus to the Inverter at the bottom right, then move him forward. Next walk the Cipher 4” forward shooting a crater in the back of the solo/ servitor and buy a second attack,inducting the other inverter or back to the corollary ( depending on the distance between them).  Run the 2 inverters 4” forward while inducting back to the corollary. Lastly move Axis 4” forward and do his thing.

This setup gives you a good tactical block which can counter attack from many different directions, the charge lane to go to Axis is further reduced by the difficult terrain in front of the formation. Both inverters can counter charge most enemies charging your front vectors and Axis. You could shield you flanks with our descent multiwound infantry, but that depends on the matchup.

Here’s the list I have build for an upcomming 50pts SR2015 tournament:

Axis the enforcer  -6
Cipher 9
Inverter 8
Inverter 8
Corollary 3
Eradicators 9
Reciprocaters 9
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex 1
Attunement servitors 2
Elimination servitors 2
Min unit Reductors 4
Optifex directive 2

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Clockwork bases for Convergence of Cyriss

For my new warmachine army, which will soon rage across the tabletops I needed some fitting bases and after seeing the ancient machinery bases from tabletopart, I decided to make some myself.
They are really simple to make, just cut some cardboard in the shape of some pavement, a bag of little watch parts, green stuff, instant mold and a lot of patience.

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Custom target lock dice for X-wing miniature game

With only 3 games under the belt, I am having a blast playing X-wing, but one thing I’ve found a little bit annoying. The target lock tokens keep on falling off the bases and sometimes we accidentally switched them, so I made some Target lock dice that fit easily on the base of the miniatures.

I currently have only Lock A through F, but if needed I will add some more.

Download the PDF here: X-wing target lock dice A-F

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X-wing custom made scenery islands

For our first game of X-wing, we improvised and used a water board to play on, we just used the cardboard astroids from the starter set, but something felt wrong.

While imagining the dogfight  of the ongoing battle over the water, I remembered a mission from the Rebel strike game for the Gamecube, where you needed to secure a crashed rebel transport ship laying in the water, fighting of the At-St’s whilebeing  pursuid by waves of Tie fighters. I decided to create some islands with beaches, build some paper At-St models and when I eventually get the rebel transport, duplicate one with instant mold  to form the crashed ship.

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X-wing miniatures game beginning

Star Wars has a little special place in my heart like many others and therefore any game with the name attached to it hypes my interest. The only thing withholding me for starting the X-wing miniatures game was a lack of Star Wars loving friends, and that part changed so without hesitation we both ordered a starter box and some extra’s ( a Millenium Falcon for me and a Tie advanced and Tie bomber for my friend), we also switched the ships from the starter sets so we could field a 100 point list with ease.

When I got the box, I was stunned with the quality of the pre-painted models, both detail of the mini and the paint jobs are very good, there are also a lot of game piece with good quality cardstock and lots of options and upgrades available.

Normally I won’t post a purchase of a game, but this is something I was very excited about for a very long time.

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Something completely different

My latest scenery project is something completely different, well the purpose of it anyway is. Last christmas me and my wife bought a “built your own castle” set for our son, it included molds for making plaster blocks, glue, cardboard wall pieces and a layout to glue it on. It was a nice project working with my 4 year old son, we worked on it for 3 weekends on and off and he really liked it. When finished I gave him some left over lotr plastic miniatures ( some Uruk hai and Rohan warriors), the smile on his face was all I needed to make me happy  and thus making this project a huge succes 😛

I think, every wargame dad should buy this set or something similar.

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Gotham city project evolving

Finally I could make some progress on the project, you have to spend some time with the family to keep things in balance :p

Well, after several tests with the windows, I decided to take the long but worthwhile approach on creating many individual windows in all their different sizes; if I had known I would have made all windows the excact same size from the beginning. But I am very pleased with the result, it gives the look of a living city at night.

What’s left for the buidlings anyway, are the rooftops, I also want to make a Bat signal light on top of the police station, which I am creating in a 3D model and then print it. If all goes well I upload it to a 3D printing service where people all over the world will have the opportunity to print it.

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Gotham city posters

Just print it and decorate your Gotham city with it. Second file was put together by Xavier (Bawom Samdi) from the BMG forum

Gotham affiches_1

Gotham affiches_2

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