My name is Dimitri ( Onimusha on many forums) and I have been wargaming since I was 16 years old, as many others it started with Warhammer fantasy ( Chaos). This game was a true blessing for me, I could really let loose all my thoughts and it quickly became an obsession to buy more and larger armies, so after playing almost all armies ( all but elves that is) I decided to try something new. The search for a more interesting game was a long road, trying many games such as; Star wars miniatures, flames of war, Confrontation, AT-43, Warmaster and now I have found myself playing two games, namely Anima Tactics and Warmachine. The last two games are skirmish and you don’t need the mass armies as in Warhammer but battles can still take up to 2 hours. Between playing these games I also have a passion for horror and zombies in particular, so after searching the web for some great rules I came across planned movement’s Dead Walk Again zombie skirmish rules and they are great for scenerio’s and even solo play ( Allthough I haven’t tried that yet).

I am currently 29 years old and live with my wife in the Netherlands, I am married on the 6th of june this year and am considering myself a happy guy ( you can see a little storie on my wedding [url=””]here[/url].  My main interest besides wargaming is Japan and I mean all things japanese, so I listen to J-rock and go to concerts when they come to the Netherlands or Germany. I also like to watch anime series and movies and japanese movies, they are way better then most american/european movies I have seen, twice a year I visit an anime convention, Animecon and Abunai.

I hope you enjoy my little site and may it lead to some new inspiration, so if you find this site is useful to you, please spread the word.