This is my WIP project about building a Normandy church, it’s design can be used in numerous settings I play, like Batman, Bolt Action and Dust tactics, so here we go.

I make the walls out of 5mm styrofoam, the green styrofoam was a left over from a billboard but works perfectly and above all, is for free :).

DSC01967 (Medium)DSC01968 (Medium)

The walls are pinned and glued together using PVA glue and a piece of flower binding wire, after the walls are complete. This was a tediuos job, but the real monk work has yet to be done. Now I have to wait untill it is dry.

DSC01969 (Medium)DSC01970 (Medium)DSC01971 (Medium)DSC01972 (Medium)

And after a few hours of scratching the stones with a dremel, this is the result :P.

DSC02041 (Medium)DSC02042 (Medium)Walls are done, now onto the roofs.

DSC02065 (Medium)