Axis has one of the best marshal abbilities within the Convergence faction, but only if executed correctly, so in order to get the most out of it, you could begin with a setup like this:

Start your turn with running the Solo/ servitor ( whatever spare model you have)directly to your enemy, then activate the corollary, allocating his focus to the Cipher and inducting a focus to the Inverter at the bottom right, then move him forward. Next walk the Cipher 4” forward shooting a crater in the back of the solo/ servitor and buy a second attack,inducting the other inverter or back to the corollary ( depending on the distance between them).  Run the 2 inverters 4” forward while inducting back to the corollary. Lastly move Axis 4” forward and do his thing.

This setup gives you a good tactical block which can counter attack from many different directions, the charge lane to go to Axis is further reduced by the difficult terrain in front of the formation. Both inverters can counter charge most enemies charging your front vectors and Axis. You could shield you flanks with our descent multiwound infantry, but that depends on the matchup.

Here’s the list I have build for an upcomming 50pts SR2015 tournament:

Axis the enforcer  -6
Cipher 9
Inverter 8
Inverter 8
Corollary 3
Eradicators 9
Reciprocaters 9
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex 1
Attunement servitors 2
Elimination servitors 2
Min unit Reductors 4
Optifex directive 2