The start of a brand new game is always full of excitement, getting to know the lore, the different factions and of course the miniatures. Dropzone Commander is like many other wargames full of great fluff and beautiful miniatures, but what makes it stand out above many games I play is the fact, it is a true wargame were you feel like you are a general of a major force in a world with deep conflicts.
The 10mm scale is a major factor in this as it lets you play with more miniatures then the average skirmish game ( I play almost exclusively skirmish games for the last 10 years), the small size of the minis also lets you manouvre a lot and with the dropship deployment rules of this game, it really is a gem as far as strategy goes.

Right now there are 5 factions and I like them all except the Shaltari, but it’s my personal taste, I choose the resistance and my friend picked PHR. So we decided to start small and ordered a starter, command cards and a commander along with the rulebook and the cardboard scenery from Hawk ( it is the best value you can get for filling a 180x120cm table full of scenery).
DZC start