Custom target lock dice for X-wing miniature game

With only 3 games under the belt, I am having a blast playing X-wing, but one thing I’ve found a little bit annoying. The target lock tokens keep on falling off the bases and sometimes we accidentally switched them, so I made some Target lock dice that fit easily on the base of the miniatures.

I currently have only Lock A through F, but if needed I will add some more.

Download the PDF here: X-wing target lock dice A-F

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X-wing custom made scenery islands

For our first game of X-wing, we improvised and used a water board to play on, we just used the cardboard astroids from the starter set, but something felt wrong.

While imagining the dogfight  of the ongoing battle over the water, I remembered a mission from the Rebel strike game for the Gamecube, where you needed to secure a crashed rebel transport ship laying in the water, fighting of the At-St’s whilebeing  pursuid by waves of Tie fighters. I decided to create some islands with beaches, build some paper At-St models and when I eventually get the rebel transport, duplicate one with instant mold  to form the crashed ship.

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X-wing miniatures game beginning

Star Wars has a little special place in my heart like many others and therefore any game with the name attached to it hypes my interest. The only thing withholding me for starting the X-wing miniatures game was a lack of Star Wars loving friends, and that part changed so without hesitation we both ordered a starter box and some extra’s ( a Millenium Falcon for me and a Tie advanced and Tie bomber for my friend), we also switched the ships from the starter sets so we could field a 100 point list with ease.

When I got the box, I was stunned with the quality of the pre-painted models, both detail of the mini and the paint jobs are very good, there are also a lot of game piece with good quality cardstock and lots of options and upgrades available.

Normally I won’t post a purchase of a game, but this is something I was very excited about for a very long time.

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Something completely different

My latest scenery project is something completely different, well the purpose of it anyway is. Last christmas me and my wife bought a “built your own castle” set for our son, it included molds for making plaster blocks, glue, cardboard wall pieces and a layout to glue it on. It was a nice project working with my 4 year old son, we worked on it for 3 weekends on and off and he really liked it. When finished I gave him some left over lotr plastic miniatures ( some Uruk hai and Rohan warriors), the smile on his face was all I needed to make me happy  and thus making this project a huge succes 😛

I think, every wargame dad should buy this set or something similar.

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Gotham city project evolving

Finally I could make some progress on the project, you have to spend some time with the family to keep things in balance :p

Well, after several tests with the windows, I decided to take the long but worthwhile approach on creating many individual windows in all their different sizes; if I had known I would have made all windows the excact same size from the beginning. But I am very pleased with the result, it gives the look of a living city at night.

What’s left for the buidlings anyway, are the rooftops, I also want to make a Bat signal light on top of the police station, which I am creating in a 3D model and then print it. If all goes well I upload it to a 3D printing service where people all over the world will have the opportunity to print it.

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Gotham city posters

Just print it and decorate your Gotham city with it. Second file was put together by Xavier (Bawom Samdi) from the BMG forum

Gotham affiches_1

Gotham affiches_2

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Gotham city project continued

Here is another update about my Gotham city project, my batman miniatures are still awaiting stock which gives me more time to make scenery, so in a way it is not that bad.

In the pictures you can see the layout of 2 different parts of the city, this way I can switch buildings and have a different setup. One has wide streets of 15cm(6″) and the other has a smaller more dense street layout of 10cm (4″)wide. The material I use is the kind of underfloor stabiliser for wooden floors or parquet, I can store it easily in a small roll; plus effect is that over the years it tends to crack here and there and this gives you a realistic wear on the streets.

Some buildings are from a previous project and don’t fit the Gotham city feel, but I plan to gradually replace them.


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Gotham city WIP

In anticipation of my order of Batman miniatures from Knight Models, I decided to use my time to build Gotham city. Gotham is a dark and gritty urban city which makes most of my zombie town buildings unusable….so on to making new ones.

The Batman miniatures game uses terrain and elevation in a much different way then the usual skirmish game, it is important to have acces to rooftops and a lot of stuff that provides cover. Allthough the game is played in the night ( you can see up to 30cm) each ranged attack can potentially hit each obstacle in it’s course.

I have currently 4 residential buildings in the works, 1 office building and a police office ( the one with the hirst arts stones). I work on them almost daily at the moment and will update when I have some more progress.


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Making 30mm urban street bases

Happy new year everyone, let’s hope this year will be as great as last year especially with a lot of cool wargames we currently play. For the coming year I have 3 great games I am looking forward to; for the coming month I will be placing an order for the Batman miniature game from Knight models and for the first half of the year I am expecting 2 Kickstarter projects I backed: Relic Knights and Kingdom Death.

Ok, for this tutorial you need a plain base ( which comes with most miniatures), a piece of balsa wood for the kerb, about 1 cm of green stuff and a piece of wall repair tape.

First glue the kerb to the base and fill one side with green stuff, press the tape in the green stuff and you have created some nice pavement relief.

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Godslayer review

And so it begins….

My first time to the Spiel convention in Essen, Germany was an amazing experience, I walked through the first hall straight to wargaming walhalla. In hall 2, I discovered  the stand from Megalith games with their Godslayer game, I gazed at the miniatures display with all 6 current factions present as well as their work in progress scenic bases and soon to be released miniatures.
I decided to sit down for a demo game, Christian was our mentor and was very enthousiastic about the game ( kudos to him). After the demo I talked a while with David ( one of the creators of the game) ,we all bought a starter deal eventually and went home with a satisfying smile on our faces.

Here are my thoughts about Godslayer

The miniatures.

I have bought the Nordgaard starter deal and can only mention my personal thoughts about these models, but for the main part I am pretty pleased with how the models look, they come with zero to little flash and the mold lines are on clever places so you don’t need to trim for hours before you can start painting. The Nordgaard faction consists mainly of dwarfs, vikings and norse creatures, the dwarfs are the best in the industry, this is explained by the fact that none other than the guy from Scibor miniatures  was the sculptor, my favorite model so far is the Fjellgangr, he looks like a really pissed giant, you certainly won’t mess with. My only issue is connection between the arms, for example….the fjell warriors had separate hands and separate underarms ( I have no clue why they decided this) but sometimes there was a hole in the body but no pin in the arm and vice versa. Nevertheless, this minor issue is nothing to worry about. The weapons have realistic proportions which can cause some bend weapons. What I have seen from my friends is very similar to my own faction, quality wise their top notch and great variety to poses and unique creations. The Banebroods from one friend had some serious mold lines and excess metal that had to be trimmed but nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

The rulebook.

This was a surprise for me as you get the rulebook with all the rules, scenario’s and armylists and a separate book full of fluff. I myself love to read more about the background of my warband and am really stunned about how deep the fluff goes. You can clearly see the amount of effort that went into the rich and detailed world of Calydorn.
For someone with a lot of experience in different wargames, I see a lot of resemblance with Warmahordes, Anima Tactics and Warhammer. They mixed the best parts of those particular games of course with a lot new and cool features of their own and in the end they created a wargame that stands at the top in almost any field you can imagine, the only thing that can be a drawback is if you don’t like the setting, but luckily for me, that was a big plus.

How does it play.

A typical warband consists of a warlord, which is a warlord and comes from one of three sub factions with it’s respective bonus. The rest of the warband can be filled to your liking as there currently are no limits to what you can field, though each unit/character/creature has a deploy limit. Each warlord can be equipped with a variety of different weapons, armour, talismans, potions, shields, plagues and spells, this character tuning can be very addicting. To make it more balanced, I would suggest to create your warband before  you decide who you’re fighting against, as some combinations are way more destructive against certain enemies then others.

Activating models is done by performing all actions for a unit and/or a character, or two characters, then it’s the opponent’s turn until all units have activated. Each model has a number of action points he/she can spend during their activation, you can even leave some points unspend so you can react on the enemy by counter attacking them. During activation you can use the action points to charge, walk ( 1 time the MOV stat per action up to 4 times), use tactics or other abilities, cast spells or simply make an attack. This results in a dynamic strategy game, where both players are constantly planning their next move.

Their choice on alternating activations is a recent trend in skirmish games and I like it a lot, you can react more,  but you also need to think a couple of steps ahead.

A charge is done by choosing the melee attack and paying the activation cost, then charge ( 2xMOV+2”) towards your target. To hit you have to roll equal or higher than the defence of the enemy model and if you hit you need to make a roll and subtract the ARM value of the opponent. When you have the activating model, you can choose a fighting stance during melee attacks which is a welcome bonus of course, if you made a charge, the charge bonus is applied for the duration of the turn. Some cool features are the rank system and the range of the different weapons, that ads an extra tactical layer on the combat, making it very interesting.

The whole combat system is very intuitive and easy to learn ( Especially if you’ve played warmachine), but you can have several bonuses to MOV, MEL and POW so there’s a little book keeping to keep track of, luckily each model you purchase comes with all tokens he/she needs in the game.

Shooting works similar to melee, except you don’t have a fighting stance, you can shoot up to 2 times your weapon range at a penalty to hit but nothing fancy here.

Magic is also represented in this game, this is also pretty straight forward, at first I was a little shocked about the fact that magic attacks ignore combat or cover bonus. But I think they balanced this by raising the cost of spells/ spellcasters and reducing the impact of the spells. Although I have witnessed a unit of me almost being destroyed by a single turn of spellcasting.

The scenario’s in the rulebook are great and versatile, they have some very original objectives in line with the mythological world Godslayer is in.


If you like a quick, brutal and very tactical skirmish wargame with lots of options to tailor your warband then this game is a must buy. If you also like mythology or have a passion for roman, greek, germanic, norse, celtic history then you should instantly purchase one of the starter deals.
I am a wargamer for 16 years now and played many different wargames like: warhammer fantasy, Lotr, Anima Tactics, Freebooter’s fate, Bushido, Warmaster, Flames of war, Star wars miniatures, Dead walk again and I can honestly say, that I stumbled on a rare gem in wargame world.

Godslayer is only one year old, but Megalith games made a great game that could last for years and hopefully stay on many peoples radar for a very long time. Right now troop selection is a little limited, but I have seen some previews at Spiel and know that upcoming units will add lots of new ways to play with your warbands.

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