I am still alive, personal events and being a father took it’s toll on my hobby and gaming life, previously I spend hours creating scenery after scenery for my beloved miniatures, but nowadays time is a precious thing.
I sold a lot of my miniatures from various game systems, while expanding on existing collections, I try to keep the number of game systems the same.
Last year was an emotional ride with big ups and downs for me, but we have to go on and so I continue with a positive vibe this year. As a huge star wars fan, 2015 was a great year, FFG just released Imperial assault, Armada was released and of course the Force awakens movie, which was pure dope on the highest level.
The games I have AND see table time regularly are:
-Flames of War
-Batman miniature game
-Imperial assault
-Heroes of Normandie ( well, technically not a miniature game, but it has a lot in common with flames of war)
-Kingdom Death: Monster ( also not a traditional miniature game, but one with beautiful models)

With everything back on track, I try to update more regularly.
So with that being said, here is my first update in a while; My first time playing this game on a real galaxy map like it should be, the map which was an image from hubble printed on vynil smelled still like new ink :P. We had a great game and learned a lot, hopefully our next game of armada is not to far off.

DSC01792 (Medium) DSC01790 (Medium) DSC01791 (Medium)