After collecting the Star wars miniatures from wizard of the coast back in 2004, I really was looking forward to a new line with 28mm star wars miniatures you could paint, Knight models has done that in a limited amount, but since FFG picked up the SW licence, they are IMHO the best company to make star wars related miniatures, I mean, they have eye for detail, great artists, beautiful models and best of all; a rock solid game system with good community support.

Looking at their other dungeon delving game, we can expect years of support and tons of expansions for Imperial assault, I cannot complain about it ( my wallet has a different opinion though).
With the announcement of Imperial assault, I immediatly put aside some money so I could delve right into the game when it was released, I am planning to buy everything they release even though I only have one opponent at the time, but luckily he is also a SW nerd :).
Looking online for some painting tips, I stumbled across the excellent painting tutorials from Sorastro ( you should definately check his youtube channel), so with his tutorial as a guide I started painting and here are my first finished miniatures for Imperial assault: